About Us

The Dunmorean Online.The Dunmorean is the local monthly newspaper of Dunmore, Pennsylvania. We’ve been a print only publication since the beginning of time, but we’ve decided to try something new. That’s right: We’re going digital.

All stories printed in our monthly editions will now be available for your enjoyment no matter where you are. This is new territory, so please bear with us as we try to figure some things out.

Have any suggestions for us? Shoot an email our way at dpi22news@gmail.com.

Be sure to spread the word. Thanks for stopping by!


The Dunmorean is published monthly by Dunmore Publishing, Inc., 1175 Morel St., Scranton, PA 18509. We accept press releases, articles, poetry, and photographs by electronic mail only to dpi22news@gmail.com.

Shoot us an email. Give us a call.

Editor and Publisher: Maureen Hart

Online Editor: Emily Fedor

Email: dpi22news@gmail.com

Phone: (570) 241-1774


7 thoughts on “About Us

    • Hi Lou. Overall, the print and online editions are identical. Their designs are different, but the content posted is the same. Occasionally, some online exclusive pieces are posted when we have more strong pieces than space in our print edition. If there’s something specific you’re inquiring about, please clarify so we can better answer you question!


    • Hi Jim. All of the stories that were in that issue are available online. As far as paper copies go, I’m not sure, but I can check. If anything we may have extra, and if we do, we can arrange for you to pick one up.


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