Tomorrow’s Leaders Today


Dunmore High school student Alyssa Marie Bielinski and Holy Cross students Elisabeth Johnson, Harleigh Davis and Juliana Innocenti are among the members of Leadership Lackawanna’s youth program, Tomorrow’s Leaders Today (TLT), which recently met for its first session, which included an orientation, leadership basics and an introduction to community service. This session was sponsored by PNC Bank; however the entire program is made possible by the support of NBT Bank, the official TLT 2016-2017 Corporate Program sponsor.

Shown from left, front row: Isabella Luciani, Annabelle Rogers, Alyssa Bielinski, Riley Calpin, Allison Melnikoff, Keelin McNally, Gabrielle Pagnotti, Olivia Pisarski, Adeline Rieder, Karissa Kalinoski and Lainey Lavelle. Middle row: Pari Pancholy, Hannah Kowalski, Scarlett Spager, Alaina Jones, Harleigh Davis, Devyn Davis, Emily Walsh, Christina Carachilo,  John Glinsky, Skye Smith and Amanda Herold. Back row: Anthony DeFrancesco, Noah Jennings, Evan Florey, Hayden Krewson, Mason Black, Tara Sweeney, Ashley Bound, Juliana Innocenti, Gabriele Hanstein, Elisabeth Johnson, Robert Scarpa and Jacob Wescott.


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